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Trying to Balance it all...

Dear me,

Hey you! Just in case you haven't heard it in a while, You're killing it!

Truth is...sometimes, I just don't feel like it. Some days I ask myself, how are you going to handle one more task being thrown your way? Life gets tough for me. Case and point: The beginning of this school year. While we vacationed in the Maldives, I was notified via email to sign my kids up for after school care. You see, my work days are long. School is over around 2 PM, but we aren't able to pick them up until after 5. After care has always been our saving grace as it allows Trey time for his personal chores on days where he has to get the kids and I can work a whole day without rushing to the endless pickup line.


I forgot to pay for aftercare the week before school started. SO, you guessed it: The Strickland littles don't have secure aftercare. We are now on a waiting list which was totally unexpected. As planned and detailed as I am, this was simply an honest mistake especially being so wrapped up in our dream vacation. Nonetheless, Shout out to my husband who is always so supportive and talked me through my cry session and my sister for stepping in to lend a helping hand as often as she can.

See, I really don't have it all together. SURPRISE!! I'm no different from any other middle age adult, trying to balance life, my weight, my social life, marriage, motherhood, and everything else in between. It gets hard.

And girl, let's talk homework and extra curricular activities. Who knew a 1st grader's homework would make you want to pull away your edges. I thought I was smarter than my 3rd grader, but NOPE! We juggle spelling words, reading for 15-20 minutes every night, etc. And frankly, I'm the first and third grade teacher while my husband gets to be the part time paraprofessional. Most homework is left up to me. True, in the beginning of our marriage we discussed how we would handle school. His stance has always been to stay as far away as he can. I respected that, but sheesh, these new age school assignments have me wanting to call for backup.

Then there's after school activities! It's Harley's first week of soccer. Practices are on Tuesday and Thursday while Harper has dance also on Thursdays in the complete opposite direction. Attending a performing arts school, the kids are encouraged to audition for other major specific companies. With adequate preparation, I think I have finally mapped out the whole process to make all of these practices and performances happen. Truthfully, I didn't experience after school activities such as dance or soccer. I could barely wait to have a family of my own and give them this type of life I planned. Who can judge our parents for trying to give us their best, no matter the hurdles they too must have faced. With that being said, trying to balance this lifestyle can be challenging. You wonder why I keep such a detailed organizer. Without it, my life would be complete chaos.

I asked myself if I was getting in over my head; balancing kids school, outside activities, religion, personal goals, fitness, career, motherhood, and marriage. I reasoned- GIRL NO! YOU'RE A BOSS! YOU ARE BUILT TOUGH JUST FOR THIS! It's the life I prayed for, now look at me living it! Sure, it's with the help of many color coded sticky notes and daily TO DO lists, but girl, I'm doing it!

How do you balance your life? Are you overwhelmed with adulthood? Tell me what type of activities you're juggling and how do you manage? Remember, we're all in this together!

Sincerely Seven!

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