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My Daughter Uploaded My Nudes!

To Whom It May Concern:

Yep! Is your heart in your stomach like mine was when I got the call from Harper’s Assistant Principal? “Mrs. Strickland, I don’t want to alarm you, but you need to know…” You should know this is not SEVEN typing because Seven died that day in the middle of the call.

I was at work minding my business when I received a call from the school on an Asynchronous Day (Kids weren’t at school) so I was puzzled when I saw the school’s name casually scroll across my phone’s screen. The fact that the conversation began as “Don’t be alarmed” had me IMMEDIATELY ALARMED! She strategically explained the schools’ protocol for keeping the school’s system safe from material that should not be viewed by kids. She was notified by the county that while uploading Harper’s homework (at 7:08 PM), a questionable image was uploaded that raised suspicion for nudity. She further explained she was unable to see the image that raised suspicion, however, the parent needed to be notified.

My heart was racing! I knew exactly the image she spoke of. While on vacation in Florida a few weeks ago, the mosquitoes were deadly! We all came back with terrible bites all over our bodies. One night before a shower, I quickly snapped a side profile of my right thigh and sent it to Trey with the caption, “look at this”, put my phone away, and thought nothing else of the situation.

A few days later while uploading the pictures taken from Harper’s notebook to be selected and added to the assignment, Harper selected THAT PHOTO. Now, here is the tricky part...

Before she actually sent the photo. I noticed an image of a high yellow chunk of meat with many red dots. I recognized the picture as one of my own versus the school assignments she was supposed to be uploading. Before it was sent, I managed to delete the photo and sent the others to be submitted for her homework.

This explains why the AP could not see the “inappropriate photo.” It was uploaded but not sent.

Now before you get all excited, I would not have considered this image a ‘nude”, however, it was my chunky thigh all out and exposed! These kids nor her teacher weren’t ready AT ALL!

I explained to the AP my involvement and begged that my child not be punished for something that was an error. Believe me, this WILL NOT happen again. I want you to know, I was totally embarrassed and ashamed, but learned my lesson. This could happen to you too.

In fact, tell me a time your kids exposed you by advertising all of your business. Take it from me in this case, mommas, if you have any images in your phone that could be considered inappropriate, take a second and get rid of them before they end up in the wrong hands or possibly all over the World Wide Web.

I’ll wait…

-Sincerely Seven

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