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Humbled Beginnings

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

To Whom It May Concern,

In the beginning, there was me. Just a regular old girl from a small town where everyone knew you or your folks. I grew up on a dirt road where I was raised in a two-parent home with a twin sister and an older brother. Life was good from what I remember. I like to compare my upbringing to the Huxitables. You know, the kind were having dinner together was the norm, the dishes were usually washed, we all had chores, and kisses really healed all boo-boos.

Yep! That was my young life. I had my share of hiccups throughout the years, but that’s a different letter for a different day. Anyway, I was taught to be humble, respect my elders by using "yes ma’am and no ma’am." That wasn’t hard. I survived my teenage years drama-free however adulthood brought its own challenges. Adulthood is raw and uncut- and that’s exactly how I plan to keep it with you and myself-raw and uncut! There’s simply no flex beyond this point. I value honesty and believe in keeping it real. Everything I do is guided by faith. I’ll write to you and tell you MY story from MY point of view regarding life’s challenges, motherhood, marriage, and lifestyle. Along the way, we can share about life in our community and become better in every way!

I want you to know that THIS SPACE WILL BE MY TRUTH, but I want to hear yours too!

Before I finish here, let me ask you this question.

Have you ever stopped short of doing something that you loved, because of fear or insecurity? Have you still not done it yet? What do you think it will take for you to do it anyway?”

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This is going to be fun!


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