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How to feel like THAT GIRL, wear sexy loungewear (featuring SKIMS)!

Oh hey girl!

If you haven't already heard or tried Kim Kardashian's SKIMS loungewear line by now, where have you been hiding? This loungewear meets intimates brand has already hit the high end retail stores such as Nordstrom and Ssense. Since I'm mainly an on line shopper, I like to order directly from the comforts of my couch. But for those of you that need to run their fingers through the racks to feel their clothes before they make a purchase, this option is for you girl. I'll be the first to admit, mostly everything Kim touches is expensive. This SKIMS lines is no different. I was introduced to SKIMS after I noticed the matching undies sets on a Youtuber. I was highly intrigued! It's no secret, you know I'm a sucka for matching sets. I can't help it and can't explain why I'm this way. Say what you want girl, but I love it here!

So, here's the skinny on SKIMS. And by skinny, I mean SKINNY. Wearing SKIMS will give you the instant tummy tuck and BBL every girl wishes for, but we'll talk about that later. After conducting much research on SKIMS, I finally bit the bullet and made my first purchase. Oh and girl, make sure your coins are in a row before you head to checkout girl because SKIMS' pieces are pricey, ok! SKIMS offers such a diverse range of flesh-tone colors and is inclusive to all sizes. This brand also offers pieces from so many different collections from loungewear to outdoor. My first two sets are part of the logo pointinelle lounge wear collection. Now, I know you're probably wondering why one would drop such a pricey coin on loungewear, so here are my reasons why.

This particular collection has the SKIMS logo perforated throughout the fabric.

Some may consider this detail a bit tacky, but I happen to really like the looks of it. There are endless possibilities of the different ways you can pair matching pieces. I chose the leggings which happen to my favorites. They are so soft and stretchy. They are the prefect after work, "slip into something more comfy" pants. Paired with the matching tank, this set will have you daydreaming about hurrying home to jump straight into it. It's so good I have two colors, Ochre and Mineral!

Here's the part where we talk about colors! The color combos are endless. Kim has mastered the skill of creating earthy tones that are fit for all skin tones! The colors are so aesthetically pleasing which I've been living for lately. I can't just buy one color. My cart is quickly filled with multiple sets before I head over to checkout! A few of my favorite colors include the sleekest black categorized as "Soot". Next, there's "Bone" which is an effortless beige color. When I slip into this shade, I immediately feel the bougie vibes taking over my body. It's just that good. Be careful tho, this shade has proven to be a bit see through and has landed me into a little trouble. "Sedona" is an earthy, rustic brown that matches my skin tone perfectly. "Kyanite" is a seasonal color I was able to get my hands on. This beautiful blue shade is one of my favorites I knew I had to have. Next in my collection is the shade "Rose Clay" which some would identify as pink. Just think of pink, but not the soft, baby pink. This is a grown woman PINK. This one, I was glad to add to my collection.

Whatever color you choose, rest assured each color fits all seasons. That's why my collection consists of tanks, jersey tees, long and short sleeve bodysuits which are all essentials in my wardrobe!

I also fell hard for the cotton collection which is where most of my sets are from. These are similar to the pointinelle collection in that they are just as stretchy. The pants are long enough to fit the tallest of girls and even more flattering on the shorties. Be careful with sizing tho. For a better, snug fit, most girls will size down. I chose to stick to my normal size, appropriate to lounge around in front of my growing littles. Although SKIMS gives sexy vibes and catches my husband's eyes as I parade around the kitchen cooking dinner, it's still appropriate for my two little sensitive eyes.

The soft lounge collection in the color "Gold" is another favorite. This set in the tank, bralette, and boxers are by far the softest, most buttery lounge set I own.

This set is easy to sleep in! And trust me, the fit is quality. I also appreciate just how the pieces are made. The stitching and logo matches the entire piece which is super cute. All collections have a high waistband that hide any fupa you may have thought you had.

There are a few more shades and collections I've been swooning over. It's just that good in my opinion! I'm obsessed! The homebody in me screams longewear that's both comfy and keeps me feeling like "that girl" when I'm wearing it. Just try one set for yourself, curl up on the couch holding your glass of wine, and thank my later. I recently decided to introduce Harper to her first SKIMS set... Homegirl is sold too. She did look absolutely adorable in her little set but homegirl also better stop growing so fast and stay in her pieces longer.

I must not leave out the SKIMS socks that are also super cute once added to the matching sets. They too come in a variety of colors and styles. And since COVID continues to spread like wildfire, my honorable mentions are the SKIMS masks. I chose two neutral shades to match my skin tone. The masks are so stretchy and breathable but thick enough to keep COVID at bay.

Tell me, what are you lounging around your home wearing these days, Is sexy loungewear important to you? Either way...

Girl, just trust me on this one. Try a SKIMS set for yourself..

Sincerely Seven!

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