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Girl, What Took You So Long To Write?!

So girl!

There’s this thing I’ve always wanted to do for as long as I can remember. I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A BLOGGER! Over the years, a few people have suggested blogging or showed some interest in topics related to my family, career, outfits, lifestyle, etc. Little did they know branding myself by becoming a blogger was always in the works. I’ve secretly jotted down topics and ideas in the notes section on my phone over the years because I knew it was coming and I wanted to be ready when it came. Chile…you know how you want something so bad but life looks at you sideways and says, “Not today sis, not even this year!” Life created a million reasons why I chose to put my dreams on the stoves’ back eye!

Here are reasons why it took so long:

1. I WAS AFRAID OF WHAT OTHERS WOULD SAY: Branding yourself is a big deal and everyone won’t understand that. Keeping up with social media stigmas and algorithms, being active in your stories, posting reels, having thousands of likes and comments- those things just weren’t my reality. Truth be told, I’m horrible at Social Media. I knew if I REALLY wanted this, I would need to care less about how others would feel about the number of times I post and care even less about the amount of “likes” I receive. In addition, the fear of being exposed and left feeling vulnerable is real. There’s a thin line between sharing and sharing too much. Although I will be fully transparent, there are some topics I just won’t speak about. If you’re searching for a tell-all about what’s going on behind closed doors, this won’t be it. I will, however, be open and honest about most real-life situations.

2. I THOUGHT “NO ONE LIKES TO READ”: Nowadays, most would rather social media surf instead of reading a blog, a book, or even taking the time to actually read a lengthy Instagram caption. I admit I’m also guilty of double-tapping a picture on Insta to show my support but secretly skipped the caption. Blogging is all about mastering the art of telling a good story with the use of a picture and hoping your audience takes the time to read the captions.

3. I STRUGGLED WITH MY COMMITMENT AND CONSISTENCY: Girl! 24 HOURS? THAT’S IT? Considering my commute from work, dinner, laundry loads, homework, and meeting night stealing my afternoons, time is of the essence. I’ve often felt guilty for sitting to create, but my mind is clouded with all the other things I “should” be doing. Honestly, the way my routine runs, I simply felt like my life was too busy for this leisure activity.

4. I FEARED POTENTIAL LIMITED CREATIVE JUICE: Everyone won’t like every post or blog especially as it relates to my personal point of view, but it is my responsibility to keep you interested. I reason, if I’ve captured only one person’s attention that took the time to be supportive of my brand, I promise to be true to that ONE person, give them my all, and become THEIR absolute fav! Someone is always watching.

The main reasons why it was now or never:

· I NEEDED TO CREATE CONTENT I WOULD WANT TO READ: I’m determined to create a space and content related to the things I would want to read about. There are bloggers galore flooding the internet. The various topics are endless and I love a good blog. Often times I run across bloggers that capture my interest within the first few sentences. My hopes are that you find something that may interest you here too. If not, tag a girlfriend that can relate.

· I CHOSE TO CREATE A SCHEDULE THAT WORKS FOR ME: Life still happens; therefore I won’t promise you a schedule that includes me dropping blogs every other day. But no worries, my phone’s notes section is running over so there will be plenty to discuss. Just stick around until you find something you may like.

I want you to know…I made time for the things I want regardless of who’s watching!

Now, my question for you. Will you do the same? Evaluate what’s holding you back from doing what you know you need to do!

You can do it!


P.S. Shout out to the select few that clapped hands for me silently behind the scenes and supported my dreams to get this ball rolling. You are appreciated more than you know. Look at me now! I dreamed it, now I get to real-life it!

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