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Easy Ways I Express the Love Languages to Myself

Ok, so girl,

I've already wrote to you about love languages in reference to our partners. While that was cute and all, it's time to discuss our personal love languages we show ourselves! My good sis, Keviah, posed this question to her Instagram audience and it caught my attention! It was at that moment, I knew this would be my next blog topic.

Here's how I demonstrate the languages to myself:

Words of affirmation- Honestly, I was never a believer in self affirmations for no particular reason. It's just something I was never asked to think about. This was recently asked of me, but this time, my interest was peaked. So behind the scene, I've been doing some self reflection! I realized instead of waiting for someone to remind me all the things I feel like I need to hear, my personal affirmations are more meaningful.

My Affirmations:

  • I'm a good wife and mother

  • I'm loyal to my circle

  • I'm honest

  • I'm more than enough

  • I'm loved

  • I love who I am and what I stand for

  • I'm a good listener

  • I'm non judgmental

Being solid in knowing who I am, influences me to move accordingly. Reminding myself that "I like your hair today" gives me the confidence to love myself even more. Don't forget to journal your strengths and think positive thoughts!

Quality Time- You already know how I'm coming about this one! If I don't do anything else, I'm spending quality time with myself. I'm thankful for an understanding spouse who hears me when I say I need time alone. Whether it's spending a few quiet minutes lying in bed alone or enjoying a night away at hotel alone, I'm sure not to skip out on treating myself to some quality time. Blogging, for me, is also time I'm able to carve away out of my day to just be alone with my thoughts. This is how I make time for my personal hobby. Here's another secret... Crying in the shower.. This should not alarm you that something has to be wrong, instead, it's quite the opposite for me whenever everything is alright. Crying releases so many emotions within me. When I'm happy, I cry, when I'm unsure of something that needs clarity, I open my heart, pray, and you guessed it.. I cry! This quality time alone--- is everything I need.

And while we're here, I can't forget quality time hanging with those outside of my husband and children. Date nights with my girlfriends are warranted! I create a space where I'm allowed to get dolled up and spend the evening with just the girls! Do this, and do it often! Just be careful not to over commit yourself.

Oh and I don't know who needs to hear this, but.. take yourself on a date girl!

Receiving Gifts- This one is a no brainer! Buy yourself the things you love! Ariana Grande said it best; "If I see it, I like it, then that's what I get!" I'm the girl that can't resist buying something FOR ME! Yes, being bought gifts for special occasions are important, but they hit different when you can get them for yourself. And I'm not speaking of the lastest luxury, my gifts come in the form of walking the aisles of Sephora and throwing a new fragrance or skin care item into my basket. My sister has the cutest idea of including a written letter to herself when purchasing new items in the mail. I love this idea! The next time you're out, purchase your item, choose the mail to home option, write yourself an affirmation, and checkout! In the next few days, you'll be receiving happy mail reminding you just why you're HER! Thank us for this idea later!

Acts of service- Surely, my acts of service won't look like yours. Mine comes in the form of buying myself flowers, skipping a shower and choosing a bubble bath instead. It also includes keeping up with my monthly maintenance schedule: wax, manicure and pedicure, lash appointments, and hair appointments. Let's also not forget keeping a clean car or treating yourself to Starbucks. I should also mention fixing yourself a healthy meal, creating an organized clean and aesthetically pleasing home environment for yourself too. Create your own vibe girl! Have you scheduled your yearly appointments including checking in on your mental health? Trust me here..just do it!

Physical Touch- Physical Touch is often confused for purely being sexual. Not this time. Personal physical touch for me is engaging in a skin care routine or applying makeup in the mornings. Moisturizing my skin and applying my favorite fragrance... the way it makes me feels, is how I demonstrate physical touch. Wearing matching under garments, wearing lingerie, wearing sexy loungewear, sleeping naked, a monthly wax, a spa experience... you get me yet, or shall I carry on? All of these are so important to me in the forms of physical touch! I'm worthy of the extraordinary care!

So, can I choose just one??! Absolutely not! All 5 are equally important to me! Knowing who I am, balancing alone time and time catching up with the girls, buying myself a gift, keeping up with my personal maintenance, and a refreshing skin care routine are all needed to keep me feeling like I'm HER! Self love is such a journey that takes dedication, practice, and devotion. Once you know how to love yourself each day, watch your self blossom into the best HER you know!

Now it's your turn! Comment down below with how you demonstrate your personal love languages. I would like to know how you're treating yourself these days. Until next time, be sure to love and take care of yourself!

Sincerely Seven!

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