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"Decluttering is Fun" Author: No One

Decluttering is fun….said no one ever! Although it is not my favorite thing to do, it is still so important to focus on it every once in a while! While outside was closed, my family spent countless weekends inside our home. Most days, we cuddled on the couch, watched the kids play games, and really enjoyed some down time. However, the busy momma in me couldn't fathom not taking advantage of time for house work. One day while reaching into the coat closet for the broom, I was almost knocked down by the cascade of other items that had been stuffed inside over the last few months. I knew then, decluttering would be my next household chore. When it comes time for you to declutter your home, follow this list of ways to make decluttering easier...and maybe even a little fun!

Start with places you do not regularly see

Places that we do not regularly see in our home typically gets pushed off to the back burner, but if you start with these spots, you will still have to tackle the area that you see 100% of the time. If you do it the opposite way, you’ll more than likely decide not to do your closets just because you have done so much already. Who sees them anyway, right? I recently cleaned both kids' closets and dresser drawers and it feels so good to have those out of the way! Now I can easily see their clothes and shoes and I feel less inclined to buy new items.

Discover clever ways to get your family involved

Currently, I am trying to convince my hubby to tackle the garage. I’m not really sure how I am going to get creative with this quite yet, but I know if you come up with clever ways to get your family involved, it makes it a lot faster and easier to get it done. In past years, we've chosen an afternoon when the sun is starting to go down to all go outside to declutter the garage bit by bit. It's definitely that time again. The Strickland Littles are included when decluttering their separate rooms and play room. Everyone has a job plus, with everyone involved, it can even be fun!

Take before and after pictures

Who doesn’t love a good before and after transformation? Taking before and after pictures of the space you’re decluttering does two things: (1) It makes it more fun and exciting to see the full transformation. (2) It is super motivating! Knowing that you’re going to take an after picture might just motivate you to do a really great job so that you’re left with a bigger transformation.

Set a timer or do it with a friend

If you’re intimidated by the amount of time you think it will take to finish a decluttering project, try racing against the clock. Setting a timer can help you focus all of your energy on the task of decluttering. There’s no time for distractions when you’re on the clock. You might be surprised by how much you get done. I like using a timer because it helps me make faster decisions about what I should keep or let go. It forces me to go with my gut feeling.

Wanna know another way to get motivated? Tackle decluttering with a friend--an accountability partner if you will. Work on each of your homes separately and check-in at the end of each day, or help each other tackle one home at a time. Healthy competition is not a bad thing, so if you know that your friend is waiting for a check in, or if they did a killer job at decluttering their home that morning, you will want to be right there with them, too.

Sell and give items away

When you declutter, you do not want to just toss everything in the trash. Finding good home(s) for your items that are meaningful (maybe like special toys that your kids played with as babies!) can definitely motivate you because you know that the items or toys are going to a family that really wants or needs them. Another great way to get motivated? Selling your items. We have a ton of items that are in great condition and are looking for a new home. We are ready to part ways with large baby items, clothes, and so much more. Having a yard sale is a great place to start, but when it comes to items that are more valuable like handbags, I wasn’t sure where to start. Chapes-JPL is definitely worth looking into, if you are in the same boat.

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I want you to know, decluttering is not easy and certainly not always enjoyable, but these tips are ways to make decluttering a little less stressful, even if it is still a chore! I hope these tips help! Get busy girl! Happy Decluttering!

Sincerely Seven

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